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Loch Langavat is the biggest Loch in the Western Isles of Scotland, at nearly 9 miles Long, starting in Lewis and ending in Harris and running through a number of different estates including Grimesta, Soval, Scaliscro, Morsgail and Aline. Salmon enter the Loch from early May with the best chance of catching one from June onwards to the end of the season. Most fish are caught by trolling although those pursuing salmon by cast fly do get fish.

The main run of salmon enters the Loch from mid June to early July onwards and given rain there are runs of fresh fish throughout the season as salmon move upstream through the prolific Grimersta system. The 5 year average is around 39 salmon, with the best year being 2010 (64 salmon). Brown trout fishing on the loch can be superb throughout the season with catches of 70 trout per boat per day not uncommon. Although the average weight is just 10 oz fish to 4 or 5 lbs are landed most seasons. The occasional sea trout (1-2lb) and char (8-12ozs) are also caught. While most of Loch Langavat is generally shallow (5-10 feet), some areas are over 90 feet deep and there may be a chance of catching a ferox trout if these depths are targeted.

Stornoway Angling Association has two boats on the loch, which are kept in a purpose built boathouse. Access is by foot along the Scaliscro and Morsgail boundary (approx. 50mins) to Loch Coirigerod. The engines, lifejackets and oars are kept in lockers beside the ferry boats. Fuel must be carried to and from the loch. The journey down Loch Coirigerod takes approximately 20 minutes followed by a 5 minute walk to the boats and boathouse on Loch Langavat.

The boats are 15 feet long and superb for drift fishing. The boathouse is well equipped for either an overnight stay or just shelter on a bad day. The fishing is 3 anglers max per boat with two SAA members per boat a minimum requirement. Langavat is a big remote Loch which can quickly become dangerous on a windy day and has many submerged rocks. For this reason only experienced users of the Langavat boats are allowed to book the fishing. Anglers booking the fishing must have been on at least 2 trips accompanied by an experienced Langavat angler who has explained the safety issues.

Any visitors wishing to use the Loch Langavat fishing should contact the SAA for further details (see Contact Us Page).

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