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Another favourite among local anglers, with good bags of trout landed by all methods - bait, spinner and fly. Nevertheless, this can be a really frustrating loch when it goes off, sometimes for several weeks. The trout average 12oz and are of excellent quality even early in the season. Trout of 1 - 2lb are regularly caught, mostly in the middle of the loch where there are submerged weed beds.

If fishing from the boat, take it to the main part of the loch, taking care passing the point just up from the mooring as it continues under the water for several meters. The North Bay is a favourite drift, fish into the shore taking care to keep the boat out just far enough to miss the many rocks just sub surface. If you are too far out from the shore you’ll know because you won’t be catching any fish! If the wind is easterly, drift from the boat moorings to the bay where the river flows out to Loch Foid, this bay can be very productive. If you are feeling energetic take the boat up to the west end of the loch where you’ll see a group of rocks just of a point. This is a good area but don’t try and get the boat between the rocks and the shore, it won’t go!

As you approach the loch at the east end try a few casts here, if you happen to be the first angler to the loch. The water is very shallow and the fish spook easily, however, trout up to 1lb have been caught here. It seems that this loch fishes in any wind as long as the water doesn’t get too turbid (at this point go somewhere else). Even a fresh North-easterly can produce good sport. Golden Olive Dabbler, Claret Dabbler, Clan Chief, Bibio, Leggy Claret Bumble all catch their share of fish. For the bait fishers among you fishing the worm on the bottom seems the most productive.

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Getting to the Loch from Stornoway

Take the A857 out of the centre of Stornoway, going straight ahead for another 100 yards at the first roundabout onto Macaulay Road.
Take a left turn and carry on for 300 yards.
Take a left turn onto the A858 and carry straight on up the hill and remain on the main road for about 6 miles (note that it becomes the A859 after three quarters of a mile).
At the end of Cameron Terrace take a right onto the A858 and remain on the main road for about 2.5 miles.
Going through Achmore take a left just as the road approaches a slight S bend with a small forestry on the lefthand side and continue on this road for around 140 yards.
Take a left down the road descending down to Loch Achmore and continue on this road for around 160 yards.
Park in the passing place on the right hand side just before the track leading down to the loch.
Please click on the info icons on the map for more information on how to get to the loch and its facilities.