Day Tickets

Day and evening tickets are available from 1st April (2023 – 100% catch and release) for Adults and Youths on the River Creed with an extra charge for boats on Lochs Clachan and Ois (Free for season ticket holders).

Creed season ticket holders can fish from 1st April (2023 – 100% catch & release)

SAA youth members can fish the Creed free of charge if accompanied by an adult creed member.

Trout fishing is free for all but there is a small charge for the boats for non SAA members.

Creed Adult Day ticket (to 5.30pm)£26.00
Creed Adult Evening ticket (from 6pm)£11.00
Creed Youth under 18 Day ticket (all day)£16.00
Clachan / Ois boat : Day (to 5.30pm) £11.00
Clachan / Ois boat : Evening (from 6pm) £6.00
Non SAA members Trout boat (Full day session) - Orasaigh & Craoibh£11.00
Non SAA members Trout boat (per split day sessions) - Achmore & Breugach£6.00