Creed Rules

River Creed Rules 2022 – Marine Scotland Conservation Grading 2

Anyone taking out a Creed season membership must abide by these River Creed Rules.

  1. The season runs from 1st April to 31st Oct. The closing date may be subject to change by the committee if in the interests of the fishery. Members will be notified as soon as practicable by email or Facebook posting should this be necessary.
  2. Fishing by fly, worm or spinner with the following amendments – Fly fishing only between the Road bridge and the Sea Pool with the exception of the Youth members who may fish with the worm between the Road bridge and the Arnish bridge from 4.30pm to 7pm weekdays and 1pm to 7pm on Saturdays. Youths may fish this section with the fly at any time. Registered disabled can fish any method at any time subject to any restrictions on river levels etc and Point 4 below. No set lines permitted.
  3. Please show courtesy to other anglers. A maximum of 2 anglers per pool below the Road bridge. Anglers must not fish a pool for longer than twenty minutes when other anglers are waiting.
  4. Only fly fishing is permitted downstream of the Matheson Pool.
  5. No spinning on the river when the river level is below the white marker on the Dam Pool.
  6. Only one rod to be assembled when fishing on the system.
  7. Boats are available for hire on Loch Clachan and Loch an Ois through our membership page The wearing of a lifejacket or similar bouyancy aid is strongly recommended when afloat. Any damage to boats or equipment must be reported through the text line. Maximum of three anglers in a boat at one time. Day hire between 12am and 5.30pm – evening hire 6pm to 12am.
  8. Anglers may only keep 1 salmon and 2 sea trout over 3/4lbs per day. A maximum of 3 salmon may be kept per member per season.  Anglers must show restraint and return salmon and sea trout whenever possible. All parr, smolts and trout under 10” to be returned carefully.
  9. All salmon must be returned before 1st June and after 15th September. Catch and release is encouraged throughout the season.
  10. All anglers must obey instructions from water bailiffs and appointed river watchers.
  11. Strictly no Sunday fishing by Scottish Law.
  12. Membership tickets to be carried at all times and displayed on request. Season tickets are not transferable.
  13. All anglers must complete catch returns by the 11th November.
  14. All anglers are encouraged to report daily catches or significant news to our text line 07810 211308
  15. Zero tolerance on litter. No litter or tackle discards to be left around the catchment.
  16. No trolling from boats. Engines may only be used for moving between drifts
  17. Strictly no fires to be lit on the catchment.
  18. Youth SAA members (under 18 years old) may fish the River Creed free of charge provided they are supervised by an adult with a valid Creed permit. Adults must submit a catch return for any Youth anglers that they supervise. Youth anglers may only keep 1 salmon and 2 sea trout over 3/4lbs per day. A maximum of 3 salmon may be kept per Youth member per season. For adults who supervise more than one Youth, the total number of salmon retained by all Youths must not exceed 3 salmon per season.

The sanctions for breaking any of the rules will be immediate loss of your season, day or evening ticket, a ban from the system for the season and a review of future Creed membership applications.

Catch Return Forms.
To comply with the Marine Scotland regulations, catch returns will be called for nearer the end of the season. Anglers should record all salmon, sea trout and finnock caught (kept or released) as well as the number of fishing trips undertaken.