Rules & Constitution


(Updated Feb 2023)

Members must read these rules, especially those that apply to Estates. Our relationship with estates is based on goodwill and could be spoilt by the irresponsible or inadvertent actions of a few members.

 Memberships are due for annual renewal as of 15th March

1.     The Association leases or has permission to fish the following trout lochs from the Stornoway Trust.  Loch Breugach, Beag na Craoibhe, Airigh nan Gleann, Leiniscal, Airigh Riabhach, Vatandip, nan Eilean, a Bhuna and Airigh na Lic. The Association has four trout boats situated on Loch Breugach, Loch Achmore, Loch na Craoibhe and Loch Orasaigh.  Bookings (free to members) for the boats should be made through online accounts. The availability of boats on Loch Achmore, Loch na Craoibhe and Loch Orasaigh is courtesy of Soval Estate. All legal methods allowed. Members can take any guests out on any trout loch without cost. Non-members can book a session for the trout boats at modest cost subject to availability. The brown trout season runs from 15th March to 6th October annually.


2.     The Association has access to fishing on Loch Langabhat. Due to the remote location, bookers must be authorised by the committee.  There are very specific rules relating to the use of the Langabhat fishing and members must read, and agree to abide by the current rules, before being allowed to access this fishing.


3.     All members must complete an accurate catch return at the end of the season for fishing any water in which the Association has an interest. Please keep a record throughout the season. The format of the return will be called for towards the end of the season. Returns MUST indicate if fish were returned or kept.


4.     It is strongly recommended lifejackets should be worn when using boats on any of the waters on which the Association has access.  It is the member’s / visitor’s responsibility to provide a lifejacket. All fishing activity is done at the angler’s sole risk.


5.     Members must read the attached copy of the SAA health and safety information – see separate document — when they take out their membership and adhere to any safety rules contained in the document.


6.     After use, please ensure boats are left in a clean and secure state. If there were any problems with boats or huts on your arrival, or subsequent damage caused by your party, please notify the Club via text to 07810 211308.  All litter must be removed and taken back with the angler.


7.     Membership cards must be carried at all times when fishing and displayed on request by any water bailiff or another member.


8.     Members should show restraint and limit the number of sea trout kept (where allowed). Conservation of these fish should be a priority.


9.     No migratory fish (salmon and sea trout) should be kept unless covered by valid permit on any fishery the Association has access to.


10. If releasing fish, minimise playing times (heavy tackle, landing net), cut lines for deep-hooked fish, keep fish in the water when unhooking and use circle hooks if bait fishing.  When bait fishing, set hooks quickly to avoid deep-hooking (gills, gullet) of fish.


Other fishing

The Club runs various competitions throughout the season. Details of these will be circulated separately. 


11. The club has access to fishing on a Friday night on Grimersta Estate throughout the salmon season. Booking is through the member’s online account on first come, first served basis, there is a £10 fee for the boat which is donated to charity at the end of the season. Members must check the Grimersta catch and release policy before fishing. Fishing is by fly only.


12. The fishing is available only on Friday evenings from 6.00pm until thirty minutes after last light.  You must only fish within the permitted boundaries. In particular, members are reminded that the outlet and South of the Bothy Island are out of bounds.


13. A return including blanks & trout must be provided to Jason Laing by text (07990 553309) when you finish fishing or within 24 hrs max.


14. Other fishing further up the main system may be available to members on occasion.  Members enquiring about other fishing should direct enquiries to the estate office (621358).


15. Fishing (catch and release only) can usually be obtained, at no charge, before 1st June. Contact Jason Laing (07990 553309).


Garynahine Estate

16. Fishing at Garynahine may be arranged through Donnie Whiteford (Tel 07920 096983). Members must contact Donnie prior to fishing and ensure that returns are submitted after fishing.


17.  Subject to availability, fishing on the river (£25/day) and from the boats on Loch Macleod, Loch Beag and Loch Tarbert (£10 per rod and £10 additional for boat, fly only) is available to full members who are resident in Lewis or Harris. Availability will be restricted if there are guests in the lodge.



18. Season tickets are available to Association members as a separate “add-on”. Youth SAA members may fish free of charge provided they are supervised by an adult with a valid Creed permit. Catch return forms must be completed and returned by 11 November annually.


19. Creed membership will run from April 1st to October 31st (early closure may be called by Committee if in the interests of the fishery). Creed season tickets are available to purchase throughout the season. 


Fhir Mhaoil

20. Grimersta Estate have kindly given the SAA permission to place a boat on Loch Fhir Mhaoil. Costs will be £20 per boat and can only be booked by SAA members.  Bank fishing £5 per day (2 rods per day). Strict conditions apply. Bookings can be made through member’s online account.



  1. Exchange season tickets for North Uist Angling Club and South Uist Angling Club are at the time of writing, expected to be available to SAA members at no charge. Additionally, we anticipate having an exchange agreement on the River Conon via Dingwall & District AC. Please email the Club to confirm and arrange a limited time use for any visit, allowing several days response time.

 Stornoway Angling Association SCIO – SC050073

Registered Charity CONSTITUTION

Stornoway Angling Association SCIO adopted constitution v.3 2022