Loch Airigh na Lic


Area/Size:- 50 Acres (20 Hectares)

A quarry and local landfill tip are visible above the north shore of the loch. Located within 2 miles of Stornoway it  provides easily accessible bank fishing. The brown trout are plentiful and average 6oz, however, fish up to 3lb have been occasionally caught. After heavy rain from July onwards, sea trout enter the loch via the Glen River. They are mainly finnock (8-14oz), however, sea trout of up to 3lb have been caught in the past as well as an occasional grilse. Donegal blue, Kate Maclaren, Black Pennell and Zulus will catch their share of both types of trout.


Grid reference NB400340
The A858 Stornoway/Achmore road will take you right to the near side of the loch.  For the near side of the loch, branch left just after Lava’s Garage.  In addition, the far side of the loch can also be approached by vehicle by carrying straight on after Lava’s Garage.

Parking & Access

There is a large bus-turning area as you approach the loch from Stornoway.  There are passing places on the single track A858 adjacent to the loch.    Parking on the far side of the loch is straightforward, on the verge of the unclassified road. When parking, please give due consideration to other vehicle drivers.


  • Brown Trout
  • Sea Trout