Loch Beag na Craoibhe


Size/Area:- 25 Acres (10 Hectares)

A good beginner’s loch with plenty of 4-6oz fish with the odd larger one thrown in. The loch has a stretch of flat level bank which is a good for instructing young inexperienced fly-casters, as there is very little high ground behind to interfere with the back-cast.  The trout here rise readily to the fly, with the eastern section being the most productive, especially in the evening when larger trout tend to move inshore. Once again follow the A859. This loch is just across the road from Loch Breugach.


Grid Reference NB376294
Opposite Loch Breugach

Parking & Access

Take the A857 out of the centre of Stornoway, going straight ahead for another 100 yards at the first roundabout onto Macaulay Road.

Take a left turn and carry on for 300 yards.

Take a left turn onto the A858 and carry straight on up the hill and remain on the main road for about 4.5 miles (note that it becomes the A859 after three quarters of a mile).

As the road descends and approaches a gentle right turn, turn off the road and park in the quarry.  Take extra care when crossing the road to and from the loch and when exiting the quarry in your vehicle.  You are in a 60mph zone.


  • Brown Trout