Loch Foid


Size/Area:- 32 Acres (13 Hectares)

Similar quality trout to Achmore, though perhaps smaller in size.  Good fishing in August/September near the stream at the east end and also in the narrow section of the loch.  Generally good for fly fishing as there are few high banks to hinder casting.  Large areas are shallow, so good for wading.  Goat’s Toe, Bibio, Clan Chief, Blae & Black, Dabblers have been noted as successful flies


Grid reference NB311279
Adjacent to Loch Achmore.  Below the crofts at the village of Achmore on the A858 road. Loch Foid is one of the four Achmore lochs that we have access to courtesy of the Soval Estate.The loch is approached down a partially tarred track, going off a lay-by, and then through a small cluster of village houses. On the track there is an unlocked, spring-bolted gate. Please ensure the gate is closed to maintain security of livestock in the area. Parking is available on the right side, past the gate.  At the end of the track, walk, veering left for about 10 minutes to the loch.  There is deep spagnum moss in parts of the moor, so, when wet, go around rather than across.

Parking & access

Take the A857 out of the centre of Stornoway, going straight ahead for another 100 yards at the first roundabout onto Macaulay Road.Take a left turn and carry on for 300 yards.Take a left turn onto the A858 and carry straight on up the hill and remain on the main road for about 6 miles (note that it becomes the A859 after three quarters of a mile).At the end of Cameron Terrace take a right onto the A858 and remain on the main road for about 2.5 miles.Going into Achmore take a left onto a large lay-by just as the road approaches a slight S bend with a small forestry on the left hand side and continue on this road for around 140 yards.  Take a left off the lay-by down the road descending towards Loch Achmore and continue on this road for around 160 yards.Park in the area on the right hand side after the spring-bolted gate just before the track leading down to the loch.  Loch Foid is about 10 minutes walk from the end of the track, veering slightly left.


  • Brown Trout