Loch Na Craoibhe


Size/Area:- 33 Acres (13 Hectares)

The boat mooring is half way down the west side of the loch. This is a good starting point if you can drift in a North-easterly direction toward, and into the narrow bay (past the large boulder) in the North-east corner, this can be a very productive area. Probably the most regularly fished area by both bank and boat anglers is the lower section of the loch where it connects with Loch nam Falcag. The points, bays and headlands on the East side of this section of Loch na Craoibhe are the most productive on the loch. However, trout can be taken all over the loch in varying weather conditions. Trout average 10-12oz, with a day’s fishing yielding 8-15 fish. Dabblers, Bumbles, Clan Chief, Ombudsman, and Peter Ross will all produce fish. Care should be taken during May as salmon smolts seem to congregate in the loch, especially in the North-east corner, before they migrate downstream to the sea at Laxay.


Grid Reference NB300227
Loch na Craoibhe is one of the three Achmore lochs that we have access to courtesy of the Soval Estate

Parking & Access

Take the A857 out of the centre of Stornoway, going straight ahead for another 100 yards at the first roundabout onto Macaulay Road.

Take a left turn and carry on for 300 yards.

Take a left turn onto the A858 and carry straight on up the hill and remain on the main road for about 6 miles (note that it becomes the A859 after three quarters of a mile).

At the end of Cameron Terrace take a right onto the A858 and remain on the main road for about 2.5 miles.

Going through Achmore take a left just as the road approaches a slight S bend with a small forestry on the lefthand side and continue on this road for around 140 yards.

Take a left down the road descending down to Loch Achmore and continue on this road for around 160 yards.

Park in the passing place on the right hand side just before the track leading down to Loch Achmore. Head along the south shore and the diagonally left across the moor to Craoibhe.


  • Brown Trout